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Week 17 – Do Not Think! – And Other Heresies

Being a “white” personality (as defined by the Hartman personality profile we took at the start of the Master Keys Experience) has its ups and downs. On the upside, it’s the type of personality made for thinking. Analysing data, finding trends, going that bit further to find a deeper layer of meaning in a text is what Whites are about.

So, with the task of writing 60,000+ words of risk assessments – the type of task that my personality opposites the Yellows (born salespeople) find the stuff of nightmares – was a laborious but nonetheless satisfying achievement. Thus came the completion of my preparation for a new work-project in Health and Safety. The groundwork completed, the proposed services and documents tried and tested by for a 12 month trial period with a friendly client in the field. Competition was known and trumped with my offering. Everything in place for launch. All I have to do is pick up that phone and start dialling…

You know, it’s truly amazing the number of things you can find to do when you don’t want to do something. If you haven’t already discovered this, I found the Master Keys course is a great ploy for not doing the very thing I should be doing – reading Haanel / Mandino / Emmerson, writing gratitude cards, shuffling them and reading them and shuffling them again, maybe writing a few more to shuffle and read, reading blogs, tweeting and G+ing, retweeting, looking every 5 minutes to see if anyone’s following me on Twitter, posting, replying to posts etc. etc.

So it was that my list of prevarications came to the Sit, time to calm the body, relax the mind and direct thought to my definite major purpose in life, with a positive mind-set. This was easier from spending the previous hours performing the above activities – but it wasn’t a wholly easy experience. After all, I’d been here before – fear of failure is a tenacious ghost rising from my perfectionist past. Equally, rejection is a hard pill for me to swallow; for some reason, I seem to take it far too personally.

One saving grace is that I’ve learned to be true to myself – I know I have a problem and it’s persistent. I visualised a path to my destiny with a road-block placed on the path. An old, ugly road-block. On the other side was a mobile phone. Then came plea from my conscious, through my subconscious to the Universal Mind: “I have this block in the way and I despite all I’ve learned, it’s still stopping me. Can you show me a way?”

No shafts of light – no inspiration.

The next day I was seeing one of my longest-standing clients. Pete is a director for the company and we have a great working relationship – not least due to the fact that our personality types complement each other’s weaknesses: he’s a staunch Yellow, and a very good salesman. We were discussing sales strategies when he started talking about his philosophy on it all. He said that when he knows of a potential client he doesn’t think about the prospect of meeting them too much, but gets on with getting to know them.  He could spend an eternity waiting for all the conditions to be right or he could just get stuck in. He doesn’t mind if he makes mistakes because he learns the lesson from that one and moves onto the next one.

The penny was quickly dropping. I thanked him for helping with a problem that was bugging me and thanked Universal Mind for showing me the right way. But this was not all…

That night, with Pete’s words still bouncing off the walls of my mind, I opened The Greatest Salesman. I opened the book and glanced at a sentence that roused my curiosity and then made me smile:

SPOILER WARNING: The following line is from a future chapter of The Greatest Salesman

“My dreams are worthless, my plans are dust, my goals impossible. All are of no value unless they are followed by action. I will act now.”

The first sentence from Scroll IX

So I committed the heresy of reading the chapter ahead of our allotted time. I had learned my lesson from Pete: I did not spend time weighing up the pros and cons. I did not think at all.

My thanks again to Universal Mind for more help to remove the road-block.

Thus, I have learned that thinking is very powerful and very important, but when it comes to putting the thought into action, the thinking stops.

Also, Universal Mind does not seem to obey the conventions of the MKE course and gives me what I need when I need it!

So, did I manage to pick up that phone?

You’ll have to wait for my next blog….



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Week 16 – Light-Sensing

My focus this week is something I was about to write about last week, until I got carried away writing poetry (!) Last week’s assignment of reading Haanel’s Master Keys Part 15 I found extremely insightful. My offering of last week was a consequence of reading paragraphs 16 to 23 (by paragraph 20 I was inspired with the invisible and invincible power of clothing thoughts in the form of words).

But it was paragraphs 24 and 25 that got me thinking…

  1. There is a principle of mathematics, but none of error; there is a principle of health, but none of disease; there is a principle of light but none of darkness; and there is a principle of abundance, but none of poverty.
  2. ….if we let in light there can be no darkness. Where there is abundance, there can be no poverty.

Forgive me if the following is obvious to you, but to me, it became something of a revelation.

Let’s start by using the principle of light, for this is the physically the most understandable principle Haanel used as the others were more abstract concepts.

We live in a world whereby darkness is turned to light by the flick of a switch – electromagnetic oscillations (or mains electricity) provides the energy to heat a filament or nowadays excite atoms inside a tube of gas to produce light. I’m sure you know that Edison created the first commercially viable electric light bulb. But he could not, for it is impossible, create a dark bulb. You cannot switch dark on, but only remove the light. Thus light is everything and darkness is actually nothing. Darkness is an absence of light to which we have attributed a word by which we give it status in its own right – as if darkness actually is something, when in fact it is “lightlessness”. Furthermore, the scale of everything between light and what we call darkness is just a case of the degree of light (the number of photons in a given volume of space).

In a deeper sense, I think Haanel, by way of introducing this concept in paragraph 23 when he talks of vitality in thought. The room is not light or dark, but rather has light or not, for darkness is the absence of light –in effect is nothing. Haanel talks of vitality in thought – either it has vitality (i.e., a positive, harmonious thought Universal mind) or it has nothing.

Vitality, like light, is energy it is the opposite of nothingness. Light can never be extinguished by darkness, but light always conquers darkness. The volume of “dark” space in the Universe vastly, literally astronomically, greater than the space taken up by stars but the light from stars which shone in the infancy of the Universe, over billions of years and mind-blowing distances still reaches our planet. Our telescopes collect that light and concentrate it for us to behold in awe. Light from across the Universe still reaches us because light conquers darkness. Similarly, vitality in our thoughts and words shines out – it cannot be destroyed, because its opposite is simply the lack of itself. It is, or it is not.

You may have heard that the opposite of love is not hate but apathy. Hate is a complicated emotion which can often be discovered to be attached to love for a person which perhaps has been betrayed, violated or desecrated in some fashion and is a reaction to love lost; but apathy, where the emotion is absent, is surely loveless-ness and anathema to the Universal mind. This is the stuff of a cold-blooded and calculated fall from all that is. Love – even bruised and scarred love – either is, or is not.

And so, like light, other principles such as abundance, health and many others each are vessels of vitality which, by the Law of Attraction, are either increased or decreased contingent to the clarity of visualization and the harmony of the thought with Universal Mind.

So opposites do not fight, a principle may present itself by degree as a light may dim or brighten, but however bright, the principle possesses energy –it possesses vitality by which it exists. And if anything is possessed, it may be given.

Thus the principles of abundance, health, love and kindness and many others are only manifest by their exchange. A huge rock may be raised high in the air; it has energy –potential energy, but it is not until the energy is utilised or given away, that its power may be seen. The rock exchanges potential energy for kinetic energy and may plunge with great force into the ground and its impact can felt. So it is with all good traits – their vitalities are not to be withheld but exchanged and to impact on our surrounding world.

As the Great Teacher said, “Do not hide your light under a bushel…”


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Week 15 – Ode to Thought

The worlds of nature and humankind,

Can ne’er within them ever find,

Such vast array of power wrought,

Than that produced by human thought.

‘Tis true that nature’s power can be,

Great and fierce through wind and sea,

But nature’s greatest law, you’ll find,

Is a thermodynamic one in kind,

Where, in stately rule is entropy –

The rot and rust of all we see,

But thought, her nature is to grow,

By Divine spark her seeds are sown,

And if Universal Law be known,

To good soil those thought-seeds blown.


What of nature’s life? I hear you say,

But life is bound with death’s decay,

A life is born and swept away,

And only thoughts are here to stay,

For to the grave great souls have passed,

But their great thoughts have now surpassed

The power of death and dark dismay,

Their thoughts are with us now, today.

Their good thoughts we can celebrate,

The bad ones we can ruminate

On lessons learned from anguish made,

And vow to not repeat such trade

Of egotistical charade.


All around you, you can see

The objects of mentality,

The crafted thoughts of he, or she,

From kindled spark has made there be

A forest fire for you to use,

To gaze upon, to wear or muse,

And thought, by thought of others’ thought did build,

Until our every need is filled,

Our lives are free from wants or fears,

By use of that between our ears.


Now, thought may be for good or ill,

But the law of Universal Will

Shall return the thought with interest made,

And upon the sender shall be laid

Abundantly, the subject kept in mind,

Whether it be harsh or kind,

In proportion to the effort sought,

In clarity of vision thought.


With intention pure and purpose clear,

The desired outcome will appear,

If the grain be good, and the line be true,

Free from blemish, through and through,

The task now simple, the way more swift,

The Master Craftsman makes no shrift

But with purpose, did the cosmos bind,

With Time and place and souls aligned.

To make to plan the promised signed,

By the one who forged them in his mind.


So take ye heed of what I said,

Sit in calm and use that head

Of yours, and if you wish no wrong

On anyone, then sing your song

And weave your thoughts in fashion clear,

With tenacious grip on those held dear,

For you that toil and shall persist

In mind will dissipate the mists

That cloud your lives, confound your plans,

For now, you have within your hands

The greatest gift that we ere could find,

Proper use of heart and mind.

John Somers



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Week 14 – To Your Health and Mine

Part Fourteen of Charles Haanel’s The Master Key has brought into sharp focus a pivotal moment for me in our course and in my life. I have been blessed with some marvellous breakthrough moments and demonstrations of the power of thought made manifest in my world which I have described in previous blogs. They have caused my great excitement, joy and, at times, bemusement. But now I’m looking back on these occurrences as playing “in the shallows” after reading Part Fourteen.

To Recognise a Cause:

The first sentence that struck me was in the introduction to the section:

“… Most persons concentrate intently upon unsatisfactory conditions, thereby giving the condition that measure of energy and vitality which is necessary in order to supply of vigorous growth [of the very thing with which they are dissatisfied]”.

To Relate the Effect:

This has led me to contemplate on the times in the past in my previous career when I found so much unsatisfactory and even downright unfair. Huge quantities of responsibility with no authority to make real change resulted in a morass of despair at the time. Now I can see how my thought processes had contributed to my condition. I can remember the anger, bitterness and frustration that circled around in my head until I was no longer the man I used to be – instead, some kind of cynical, self-centred, macabre version of myself. The result was mental and physical ill health in spades.

To Assimilate the Counsel:

So now I could see that much of my situation and its outcome was of my own making – I was not without authority, but all the time I gave it away by asserting I had no power over the situations I encountered. Haanel states in paragraph 17:

“… We find that every man is the reflection of the thought he has entertained during his lifetime. This is stamped on his face, his form, his character, his environment”.

Haanel continued in paragraph 25:

“Thought is the only reality; conditions but the outward manifestations; as the thought changes, all outward or material conditions must change in order to be in harmony with their creator, which is thought”.

So the conditions that resulted in my malaise of the time, and the outcomes of ill health to this day are brought about by thought; and by changing thought, the condition, the outcome, will change. My state of health is an unsatisfactory condition. This time, however, I know I can do something about putting things right. I now know I have the authority to improve my lot – but I cannot expect such a protracted period of ill-thought to be eradicated so quickly. Thus says Haanel on Paragraph 26:

“…[You cannot] spend twenty or thirty years of your life building up negative conditions as a result of negative thoughts, and then expect to see them all melt away as a result of fifteen or twenty minutes of right thinking”.

Thus, the road to good health is neither easy nor quick; hence to essential need for determination and persistence.

To Apply the Remedy:

Haanel shines a bright light on the awkward path ahead in paragraph 26:

“But the thought must be clear-cut, steady, fixed, definite, unchangeable; you cannot take one step forward and two steps backward…”

So, my promise to myself is that daily, I will continue to remind myself of the power of my thoughts and the omnipotence of their source. I know that I the miracle which produced me did not end at my birth. I am a miracle of nature – even the greatest of nature’s miracles.

Each time the symptoms of my illness come upon me, I shall proclaim that I am Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious and Happy. With certainty of purpose I shall proclaim my path to becoming the person I was meant to be – and this includes wholeness of body as well as mind and spirit.

I shall proclaim these thoughts regardless of the way I feel physically or mentally. I shall always think positively and with full health my goal.

This is my decision, there is no turning back. Even if I do not receive the health I seek, I will die with these proclamations on my lips, for without them, I would probably have died much sooner.

My die is cast, my boats burned. There is no more to be said, but my last proclamation:

I always keep my promises.


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