Week 15 – Ode to Thought

The worlds of nature and humankind,

Can ne’er within them ever find,

Such vast array of power wrought,

Than that produced by human thought.

‘Tis true that nature’s power can be,

Great and fierce through wind and sea,

But nature’s greatest law, you’ll find,

Is a thermodynamic one in kind,

Where, in stately rule is entropy –

The rot and rust of all we see,

But thought, her nature is to grow,

By Divine spark her seeds are sown,

And if Universal Law be known,

To good soil those thought-seeds blown.


What of nature’s life? I hear you say,

But life is bound with death’s decay,

A life is born and swept away,

And only thoughts are here to stay,

For to the grave great souls have passed,

But their great thoughts have now surpassed

The power of death and dark dismay,

Their thoughts are with us now, today.

Their good thoughts we can celebrate,

The bad ones we can ruminate

On lessons learned from anguish made,

And vow to not repeat such trade

Of egotistical charade.


All around you, you can see

The objects of mentality,

The crafted thoughts of he, or she,

From kindled spark has made there be

A forest fire for you to use,

To gaze upon, to wear or muse,

And thought, by thought of others’ thought did build,

Until our every need is filled,

Our lives are free from wants or fears,

By use of that between our ears.


Now, thought may be for good or ill,

But the law of Universal Will

Shall return the thought with interest made,

And upon the sender shall be laid

Abundantly, the subject kept in mind,

Whether it be harsh or kind,

In proportion to the effort sought,

In clarity of vision thought.


With intention pure and purpose clear,

The desired outcome will appear,

If the grain be good, and the line be true,

Free from blemish, through and through,

The task now simple, the way more swift,

The Master Craftsman makes no shrift

But with purpose, did the cosmos bind,

With Time and place and souls aligned.

To make to plan the promised signed,

By the one who forged them in his mind.


So take ye heed of what I said,

Sit in calm and use that head

Of yours, and if you wish no wrong

On anyone, then sing your song

And weave your thoughts in fashion clear,

With tenacious grip on those held dear,

For you that toil and shall persist

In mind will dissipate the mists

That cloud your lives, confound your plans,

For now, you have within your hands

The greatest gift that we ere could find,

Proper use of heart and mind.

John Somers




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10 responses to “Week 15 – Ode to Thought

  1. Wow,wow, wow! How long did that ode take you to create? How amazing your thoughts coalesce into something like this!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Jennifer! It took me 5 to 6 hours to complete. I haven’t written poetry since I was a child at school, but in the back I my mind I was thinking about it when I was reading part 15 of Haanel’s Master Keys. I got to section 20 where it says “,,,accuracy in building words and sentences is the highest form of architecture in civilization and is a passport to success” and that was it – I didn’t stop until it was complete at midnight.


      • maybe we need T-shirts that say your quoted sentence above. maybe help us all have no opinion, to be more detached to the outcome, think more before we speak…. You were inspired for sure that this happened all of a sudden and you did it all in one sitting. More amazing, more wow! maybe we should have you create a theme song for this class group?!

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  2. Words can’t express how impressed I am with this, you’re a very talented writer.

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  3. Amazing John. Really impressed by your talent. You have certainly kept that one under a bushel. 🙂 BRAVO!


  4. Brilliant John – so creative. Will we see an anthology on the MKMMA experience by John Somers?


  5. Wonderful John! Seems as though you had fun writing that … it flowed so easily. Thank you for your creative share.


  6. Beautifully written and composed John. A great poem with inspiration and a great message. LOVED IT!!!!


  7. Fantastic John, What talent! I have always enjoyed reading your thoughts. Thanks for sharing. God bless you on your journey. Please read my poems I wrote in my blog Week 11 and give me your feedback if you so desire. Thank you.


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