Week 17 – Do Not Think! – And Other Heresies

Being a “white” personality (as defined by the Hartman personality profile we took at the start of the Master Keys Experience) has its ups and downs. On the upside, it’s the type of personality made for thinking. Analysing data, finding trends, going that bit further to find a deeper layer of meaning in a text is what Whites are about.

So, with the task of writing 60,000+ words of risk assessments – the type of task that my personality opposites the Yellows (born salespeople) find the stuff of nightmares – was a laborious but nonetheless satisfying achievement. Thus came the completion of my preparation for a new work-project in Health and Safety. The groundwork completed, the proposed services and documents tried and tested by for a 12 month trial period with a friendly client in the field. Competition was known and trumped with my offering. Everything in place for launch. All I have to do is pick up that phone and start dialling…

You know, it’s truly amazing the number of things you can find to do when you don’t want to do something. If you haven’t already discovered this, I found the Master Keys course is a great ploy for not doing the very thing I should be doing – reading Haanel / Mandino / Emmerson, writing gratitude cards, shuffling them and reading them and shuffling them again, maybe writing a few more to shuffle and read, reading blogs, tweeting and G+ing, retweeting, looking every 5 minutes to see if anyone’s following me on Twitter, posting, replying to posts etc. etc.

So it was that my list of prevarications came to the Sit, time to calm the body, relax the mind and direct thought to my definite major purpose in life, with a positive mind-set. This was easier from spending the previous hours performing the above activities – but it wasn’t a wholly easy experience. After all, I’d been here before – fear of failure is a tenacious ghost rising from my perfectionist past. Equally, rejection is a hard pill for me to swallow; for some reason, I seem to take it far too personally.

One saving grace is that I’ve learned to be true to myself – I know I have a problem and it’s persistent. I visualised a path to my destiny with a road-block placed on the path. An old, ugly road-block. On the other side was a mobile phone. Then came plea from my conscious, through my subconscious to the Universal Mind: “I have this block in the way and I despite all I’ve learned, it’s still stopping me. Can you show me a way?”

No shafts of light – no inspiration.

The next day I was seeing one of my longest-standing clients. Pete is a director for the company and we have a great working relationship – not least due to the fact that our personality types complement each other’s weaknesses: he’s a staunch Yellow, and a very good salesman. We were discussing sales strategies when he started talking about his philosophy on it all. He said that when he knows of a potential client he doesn’t think about the prospect of meeting them too much, but gets on with getting to know them.  He could spend an eternity waiting for all the conditions to be right or he could just get stuck in. He doesn’t mind if he makes mistakes because he learns the lesson from that one and moves onto the next one.

The penny was quickly dropping. I thanked him for helping with a problem that was bugging me and thanked Universal Mind for showing me the right way. But this was not all…

That night, with Pete’s words still bouncing off the walls of my mind, I opened The Greatest Salesman. I opened the book and glanced at a sentence that roused my curiosity and then made me smile:

SPOILER WARNING: The following line is from a future chapter of The Greatest Salesman

“My dreams are worthless, my plans are dust, my goals impossible. All are of no value unless they are followed by action. I will act now.”

The first sentence from Scroll IX

So I committed the heresy of reading the chapter ahead of our allotted time. I had learned my lesson from Pete: I did not spend time weighing up the pros and cons. I did not think at all.

My thanks again to Universal Mind for more help to remove the road-block.

Thus, I have learned that thinking is very powerful and very important, but when it comes to putting the thought into action, the thinking stops.

Also, Universal Mind does not seem to obey the conventions of the MKE course and gives me what I need when I need it!

So, did I manage to pick up that phone?

You’ll have to wait for my next blog….



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10 responses to “Week 17 – Do Not Think! – And Other Heresies

  1. Thanks for your insight!

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  2. Well, straights to thprinciple’s office for you, reading ahead. ;-). How perfect for you that you did. I’m betting you almost hurt yourself trying to get to your phone as fast as possible. Grinning cuz you described perfectly, grinning cuz you were provided an answer, grinning cuz you acted on it. Yahoo!

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  3. John, Kudos for finding hte way through your perseverence and using all the options we’ve been learning. Decision: A choice made between alternative courses of action in a situation of uncertainty. Kudos to you!


  4. Love the “not thinking”. Reminds me of the character in Gilbert & Sullivan’s operetta, Sir Joseph Porter telling how he became ruler of the King’s Navy – “I never thought of thinking for myself at all”.


  5. I’ll have you know that I am a white also and I am struggling with the same things you wrote about .I also sat with how do I proceed . And here you write this inspirational blog within it ,all of my answers . I know because I felt it as I was reading it . Thank you for sharing.


  6. I’m a red and when there is something I don’t want to do I can find “distractions” also. But I have learned that by doing, I find its not as scary as my imagination would lead me to believe. The more I do, the lighter the load seems to becomes. (forgive me if I appear bossy, I call it being direct.)


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