Week 23 – No Turning Back

Deep down I know there’s a fundamental change within me which has taken root in the last few weeks.

My previous 3 weeks have been a little out of the ordinary, both with my work and the MKE. My work prospects have risen such that it’s hard to keep track of who is who. The upturn was literally effortless – people were coming to me by recommendation (OK, I had to work with the people who recommended me, so I guess it wasn’t totally effortless) and they all seemed to come at once! Of the 4 most likely candidate to get business from, I found today that 2 want to postpone for a time (in one case, a year). In the past, this would immediately impact on my fears of losing business with the near inevitable result of my fears being manifest – after all, as it said in Part 23 of Haanel’s book, The Master Keys: “Fear… is poverty consciousness, and as the law [of growth / attraction] is unchangeable we get exactly what we give; if we fear we get what we fear”. This time, however, there was no attack of fear but a conclusion in my mind that what I used to think is a set-back will actually turn into an opportunity. I don’t know in this instance exactly what the future holds, but I’m not fearing it. This is a fundamental change for me.

In a similar twist my connection to MKMMA took an unexpected sabbatical. I was effectively off the site for 1 ½ weeks and I couldn’t get on the webinars for 3 Sundays. I’m still catching up. If this had happened earlier in the course, I would be distraught, how could I carry on by myself and in truth it would have been nigh-on impossible to do so. I now have learned enough from the course to stand on my own two feet and trust that the Universe will supply my needs.

I used to be a sheep – I thought like a sheep, I reasoned like a sheep and I bleated like a sheep. Now I’m a lion – I think for myself and by myself. I take responsibility for my own actions and plough my own furrow.

My thanks to the MKMMA team, they have helped me to help myself. The may be challenges ahead, but there will be no turning back. The genie is out of the bottle.



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4 responses to “Week 23 – No Turning Back

  1. so true–how liberating is it once you figure out it all unfolds as it should AND in the time frame that is to each individuals benefit. Once I made the shift of thinking who is it that I want to work with and stopped thinking/feeling like I had an obligation to every potential client that walked into my office–wow, what a concept to consider I had a say in who and what types of client’s I wanted to spend my time with and work with. Sounds like you are arriving at the same ‘ah ha’ freeing moments yourself. How frustrating and revealing being ‘off line’ for three weeks was and is. Glad you are catching up , glad you are finding strength and reassurance in new places. Carry on being the amazing person that you are. Love and Light.


  2. Thanks for writing. Your experience with being away is similar to mine. It is great to know that you are in such a good place to be able to continue.


  3. Thanks for sharing your experience John. It is an encouragement and it is good to see a fellow Lion taking control. So glad you are on this journey with me. Enjoy catching up.


  4. John, Thanks for sharing your experience and the fact that you have taken control because of what you have learned in this MKMMA course. Keep being that lion within you.


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